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Easy Office Premium Software: Suite and Easy!

If you spend a great deal of time working with office programs but don't like or can't afford Microsoft Office, you might want to consider trying EasyOffice Pro or EasyOffice Premium. Easy Office Premium is a powerful, easy-to-use, and complete office system which does not require any other software to run properly. Furthermore, it saves documents in a format that is easily compatible with Microsoft Office and other such programs.

Perhaps Easy Office Premium sounds too good to be true. You might wonder exactly what features the program contains. For example, is there a program similar to Microsoft Powerpoint? How difficult is it to use? What about an Excel-like application? In the next few paragraphs you will learn about some additional features of the program. You will also learn what some satisified customers have said about the software.

Information on Easy Office Premium

While the program may sound good so far, you probably want more information on Easy Office Premium before you make a purchase. For one thing, the program contains some features not found in Microsoft Office, such as a full ZIP program, calculator, and the ability to create PDF files. It runs on any operating system between Windows 98 and XP and, though it does not require Microsoft Office or other programs to run successfully, it will peacefully co-exist with them if you desire. Furthermore, the program installs in thirty of the world's most popular languages!

Perhaps the most exciting thing about Easy Office Premium is the price. The entire software program costs only $59 for a single CD-Rom and can cost less than two dollars per license for site licenses. This includes shipping, media, tech support, and priority change requests and upgrades for one full year! This is drastically different than Microsoft Office; according to the Microsoft website, Microsoft Office Standard Edition 2003 is priced at $399.00!

If you are interested in purchasing Easy Office Premium, take a tour around the E-Press website. The website offers a free trial download of the program, as well as a page of frequently asked questions and purchasing information. Trial versions are a great way to decide whether the program contains everything you need to successfully complete your projects.

FactExpert Recommendation: EasyOffice is a very good MSOffice alternative at a great price. Get started by clicking here for a free trial.

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