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Get Class Rings and More Through Jostens!

Jostens is just the type of commencement company with whom you should want to work! Graduation is both an exciting and nerve-wracking time. However, it is also a memorable time, and you want quality items commencement items you can keep for the remainder of your life. Jostens understands all these things and thus strives to achieve and maintain a high quality of excellence in all of its products.

Jostens offers a number of graduation products, including class rings and caps and gowns. Additionally, Jostens commits more than one million dollars per year to the Renaissance program, a nationally-recognized program created to recognize and reward the academic achievements of students from elementary school through college.

If you think you might want to let Jostens make your graduation or that of your child more memorable, read on for further details.

Further Review of Jostens

Because commencement is such an important event in any young person's life, you will want to conduct a further review of Jostens before making any final decisions. A lot of information can be found on their website at www.jostens.com. However, nothing can take the place of speaking with a Jostens representative; contact information for the representative in your area can be found on the website.

Jostens offers products for four different categories of students: preschool, K-12, homeschool, and college and post-high school. For example, current high school students, as well as alumni, can design their own class rings online. If your school has their yearbooks printed through Jostens, you can also order or make payments on a yearbook online. Additionally, Jostens has links to fan jewelry for both the Boston Red Sox and the Patriots.

Perhaps the most interesting product Jostens offers are their items for homeschooled graduates. For example, the class rings look very traditional but have the words "Homeschool Education" printed where the name of the high school would normally appear. Or, if you want a less traditional look, delicate rings for women can be ordered that have only a dainty stone, the year of graduation, and the individual's name. Additionally, homeschool yearbooks can be ordered; purchasers receive a free kit that tells them how to design their own cover, if they wish, and how to lay out photographs and other such items. Once satisfied, the kit is shipped back to Jostens, where a professional yearbook is created and sent back to the purchaser.

Whether you are looking for a truly unique gift or just want quality commencement items, Jostens might be the place for you. Check them out!

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