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If you've never heard of uShip, you aren't alone. uShip is perhaps one of the most valuable, but least used, resource on the Internet today. A mix between eBay and the postal service, uShip has the potential to save you a lot of money when shipping large, bulky, or extremely heavy items.

The concept of uShip is actually quite simple. Pretend, for example, that you need a living room suit shipped to your sister who lives several states away. You would list your item for free on uShip, and feedback-rated service providers (i.e., shippers) would bid on your item. Then, you can either choose to accept the bid on your item, leave the item listed for a while longer, or ship it some alternative way. The best part is that your contact information is never shared with the service provider until you accept a bid, so you don't have to worry about salespeople calling you during your busy day!

Still want more information on exactly how this works? The next few paragraphs will give you all the details you need, so keep reading!

How and Why uShip Works

By now you are probably wondering how and why uShip works. For example, why would a carrier bid on your item when they would probably earn more money if you contacted them directly instead of vice versa? The concept is simple. Often, carriers have extra cargo space and, because no other items are going along the route which they are traveling, the space remains empty. Empty space equals lost money. However, if your item needs to travel along their current route and will fit in their extra space, carriers are more than happy to accomodate you. While they may not earn as much money as they would if you have contacted them directly, at least they are earning more money than they would with an empty space.

There are three ways to list your item on uShip. First, you can list it on "maximum bid", which means that you will not entertain bids higher than a particular cost. Secondly, you can place it on "target bid", which means that you say what you are willing to pay and let carriers decide whether or not they will ship for that price. Finally, you can list under "place a bid", which means that carriers can simply place a bid with no restrictions and you can choose whether to accept or reject their offer.

Do you think you might be interested in utilizing uShip? Do you still have questions? Visit uShip's website at www.uship.com for more information. Good luck finding the right provider for all of your shipping needs!

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